"Alas, Babylon"

I just finished reading Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank. 

 Those who know me well, know that I love the post-apocalyptic genre of science-fiction (including the zombie-apocalypse sub-genre).  I can't really explain my fixation with this subject. Perhaps it's a bit of my tiny little inner anarchist rearing his ugly cammo-clad head. Maybe it's my pessimistic side: I've always thought that things have been going too well for us for too long. 

Whatever it is, I love this genre. 

The idea of complete, unfiltered freedom excites me. I love scenes like when Will Smith went careening down an empty Wall Street in a mustang in I am Legend (overall a very weak film adaptation). 

Alas, Babylon was a good, quick read- I finished it in under 6 hours. 

After I've read The Postman and On the Beach, I'll make a top 10 list for these books.

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