David Guetta in Music Videos

Last night Pat and I went to see Maria Sharapova at the The Racquet Club of Memphis. 
After we came home, we ended up randomly watching the video for "I've got a feeling."

I noticed that David Guetta makes a random appearance in the video (he apparently produced the song) at the party with Will.I.Am, Fergie and those other two people in Black Eyed Peas.

So, I decided to watch basically every video Guetta has ever made.

First up there's "Sexy Bitch" or "Sexy Chick" with Akon. (Guetta has requested youtube not let his videos be imbedded for some reason, so I have to use links.)
I love how there are all these ridiculous scenes in this video of Akon and Guetta playing in an around a pool. It's like the reunion scene at the end of a cheesy 1980's buddy comedy.

There is a certain awkwardness to all of Guetta's videos because no sound ever comes out of his mouth. It's like Akon or Kelly Rolland are sharing the video with a mixmaster mime.  On that note, Kelly Rolland who? Wait, Beyonce wasn't always a solo artist? You're shitting me.

Then there is Guetta's "Love is Gone" video, a real acid trip piece. I think it would be a stretch to say that the director spent more than 20 minutes planning the "story." Once again Guetta makes an inexplicable cameo, this time reading a book entitled "The Essentials of Trigonometry."

Finally: "Every Time We Touch," one more Guetta video that looks undistinguishable froma  GAP ad.

I seriously can't tell whether this man has achieved a heretofore unseen level of self awareness and irony, OR if he actually thinks these videos look "cool." Seriously Guetta, it's 2010 here, not 1993.

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Amy said...

that picture is now framed in my house