When you're on top of the world

Sometimes the only place to go is down.

I love mac. I own a MacBook and an Iphone, and somewhere a second-gen ipod.

But this week's announcement of the "Ipad" was disapointing. When you've produced two highly revolutionary devices (Ipod and Iphone) in the last decade the temptation to crank out another must be overwhelming. But Ipad? Really?

Then comes Toyota. I grew up in Toyotas. My family had owned at least 10 Toyota automobiles since I was a kid (we're now fully transitioned into Hondas). My first car was a 96' Camry. I was an unwaivering believer in the quality of Toyota products.

But when you develop the kind of consumer trust that Toyota has enjoyed, it is unfortunately all too easy to lower your standards.

Hopefully both Mac and Toyota will learn from these mistakes (I'm assuming Ipad will eventually be seen as a mistake), and return to what made them great: quality.

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