MASHUPTOP10¡Ay, caramba!

Hey ya'll, it's the weekend.

Here's my current 10 favorite mashups (minus the obvious, and now over-played, U.S. of Pop 2009: Blame it On the Pop). Criteria? I like listening to it. BAM.

10. Pour Some Hot Sugar on Me - A Plus D

9. I Want to Get Away - Mashup Germany

8. I Fucking Bleed Purple and Gold- Super Mash Bros.

7. Use the Same Old Song - Mighty Mike

6. I Got More than a Feeling -MADMIXMUSTANG

5. If I were a Free Fallin' Boy- Earworm

4. Walkin' Out Yo Girlfriend

3. Always With You - Divide & Kreate

2. Good Girls Burn Miami - Titus Jones

And... #1 BAM

1. Forever vs. Halo - Pinto

Ya'll have a great weekend.

1 comment:

Bec said...

love this austin! you need to check this out asap: http://bootiemashup.com/top10/ ...and direct your attention to "party in the empire state" ...and really all of them. sf reunion soon? (seriously if you need more incentive ask carter about booty sf) xoxo

ps "before the deluge" came up on my shuffle this morning. long live jackson b.