I had a dream last night, a very vivid dream.

I was sailing on a huge ship off the coast in another world and we were approaching this string of great sea rocks off the coast. Suddenly we were engaged in battle with a larger ship and I was thrown overboard. I sank and sank into the deep, but as I went deeper it got lighter. The sea was reseding.

I found myself laying on a great tidal plain - endless wet sand - with the rest of the crew. Among us there were many who were injured.

Where the sea rocks had been, now there was a strand of huge, ancient trees rising out of the tidal plain.

In each tree sat a birdman with bright, beautiful feathers. One said to me that they were the "ifrit" (which is a kind of djinn in Arab mythology). The ifrit healed our wounded and then as we prepared to set out again, I awoke.

Needless to say, I was pretty upset to get kicked out of the sweetest dreamworld I've ever found myself in.

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