tom cruise speaks truth to power

I went back and listened to this interview just now. Through personal experience and research I have come to agree with Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise may be a little "out there," and I do not agree with scientology, but he was right about this. He was ridiculed by the media because he was right. He was ridiculed by the media because the same corporations and people who own the media own the pharmaceutical industry. Notice how calm and rational Tom seems during this entire interview. He keeps his composure even when Lauer tries to trap him with inconsistent questions; he even confronts Lauer on his attempt to trick him into saying something he wasn't. These are not the ravings of a mad man. These are the rational thoughts of a sane person who is deeply concerned about our society.

We are medicating emotions!
We are medicating psychological reactions which humans exhibit in order to express that there is something is wrong in their life or their world.

Drugs are not the answer.

Confronting our problems and changing our society is the answer.

That's the truth.

Disclaimer: I do believe there are extreme circumstances in which someone should be sedated if they are likely to cause harm to themself or another person. My main concern is with the widespread medication of anxiety, depression and "ADD."

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