25 things about you

Lately facebook has been inundated by notes entitled "25 random things about me." 

These notes harken back to the days of annoying AOL survey forwards (e.g. "If you could kiss one celebrity, who would it be? OMG BRAD PITT!!!!! LOL :-D").

While I too miss the good ole' days of AOL (remember when having colored font on your profile was a big deal?), these notes disgust me.


It's simple...
It's not that I don't care about you.
It's not that I don't want to know more about you.

It's that this little online trend speaks volumes about our culture, and specifically our generation...

I have so far been tagged in 6 of these notes.  Everyone who has tagged me, I consider a friend (and not in the perfunctory "facebook friends" sense).

I would be more than glad to sit down over coffee which each of these people and talk about their lives, their dreams, their pet peeves, and yes, even their first pet.  I would even settle for a 20 minute cell-phone conversation.
But that won't happen...


Because our generation is so busy with electronic media (e.g. FACEBOOK) that we neglect genuine interpersonal interaction (please, don't get me wrong, I do too).

So please, if you want to tag me in a "25 things" note- don't. Call me; or better yet, if you live in Memphis, ask me if I'd like to get coffee, have lunch, or just chat. 

1 comment:

Blake Franks said...

AMEN! :)

Sorry...I tried to make it up to Memphis, but it didn't work out...guess we'll have to settle for electronic communication.

Just Kidding. I miss you.