I caved.

When I was 9, I convinced my parents to buy me a Sega Genesis.

That was the first, and until today, the last gaming system I ever owned.

Then today, sitting in my office, I thought to myself "you know what would be cool? playing a game where I could kill zombies." 

I decided to consult my soon-t0-be roommate Patrick about this purchase. His response: "Dude I think that would be the best effin idea ever. Get two controllers and I'll pay you for one. I'll come over and we'll play tonight." 

My resident "gamer" friend Pate told me "it's sublime" - whatever that means. 

So, I got off work and drove directly to Best Buy in Cordova and purchased a XBox 360. 
I was going to just by the basic system, but Pat and the sales rep. convinced me to buy the XBox 360 "Pro" for an extra hundred bucks.

Moral of the story: I am entirely too impulsive.

I need the join a Buddhist monastery...

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