Ethics Reading

Several Years ago, Justice Harry Blackmun said that if he had his life to live over again, he would like to be a medical doctor. At the time he was a U.S. Supreme Court Justice. One would think that he was at the pinnacle of his career. Why would anyone want to trade that to become a doctor. One person who heard the story suggested, "People often want to be doctors so that they can help people."

But lawyers help people too. Granted, unlike engineers, we construct no bridges. Unlike doctors, we mend no bones. Unlike architects, we design no buildings. Unlike artists, we paint no portraits. There is little that we do that the human hand can touch. But- if we are doing our jobs properly- we take on other people's burdens, we relieve stress, we pursue Justice. We enable mankind to live a more peaceful and just life. We take the veneer of civilization and make it a little thicker.

-Morgan & Rotunda, Professional Responsibility, 10th ed. 

I don't know if I agree. Sometimes I think I'd rather be building bridges

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