Text from Carter: You always were more of a Memphian than a Nashvillian

My Reply: Never really been either bro, just a small town Tennessean who tries to make the best of wherever I am.

So yeah, I've written a lot of about Memphis this year, but that's just because that's where I'm living right now.

The truth is, I love Tennessee in general.  Yeah, Tennessee definitely has it's negatives: white trash, rednecks, an extremely regressive sales tax, pompous evangelical churches, lingering racism, etc. 

On the other hand, it is the musical heartland of America: Blues, Rock N' Roll, Country, Rockabilly, Soul, Gospel, Bluegrass, and Alt-country all came out of Tennessee.

You can't beat our barbeque, our catfish, our our meat n' three's. 

Tennessee produced Andrew Jackson, one of the greatest men in American history. Don't like Jackson? Well you can thank him for the state of florida and the very existence of the U.S. for his military genius at the Battle of New Orleans; so bite me. 

Yes, I may be a little more "Memphis" than "Nashville," but I still love our capital (even if it is painfully yuppified). It's a beautiful city, with gorgeous neighborhoods, great parks, good food, live music, and yes, a full-scale replica of the Parthenon. 

So yeah, come to Tennessee, I can guarantee you'll like it.


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