woke up this morning a little hung-over, found this in my inbox:

Hey Austin,

I hope I have the right address -- if so, we spoke a while back for my article in The Chronicle of Higher Education about JuicyCampus.com

I'm doing another article on a related topic. It turns out several new gossip sites have popped up hoping to be the new JuicyCampus. One is campusgossip.com. another is collegeacb.com. I'm just wondering what your thoughts are about these sites? Do you think some sort of site will pop up to replace JuicyCampus? If so, what do you think students should do about these new ones?

Thanks for your time,

My reply:


Not a problem.

Sure, there will probably be more web 2.0 sites that pop up to fill the niche left empty by juicycampus.com. What do I think college students should do about them? Honestly, nothing. While we intended to make a principled stand, and I do not regret our decision to ban juicycampus.com, in the end we only drew more publicity to the site. Like I've said before, the internet is a free-marketplace of ideas. People make their own decisions as to what information they choose to consume there. I sincerely believe that few people are perverse enough to enjoy such a base and degrading sort of website, and that any that is created will eventually fail due to its own inherent lameness.


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