Ben Stiller's mashups... wtf

Ben Stiller (Mashup Germany) consistently puts out awesome mashups. Well, at least mashups that sound awesome until about half way through the song. Then, out of nowhere, Stiller will insert a completely incongruous sample.

Example: Matisyahu vs. John Lennon vs. Blink 182 vs. Bob Marley vs. Gentleman - Imagine One Day (so far away)

This song is awesome until about 1:20 when Blink 182 comes in. WTF. Why? If Stiller would just cut out the crappy middle school pop-punk and add more Lennon or Marley, this mashup would be killer.

Example 2: David Guetta feat. Akon vs. Mashup-Germany - Sexy Bitch in Memphis

Hotel California? WTF? WHY?!

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