Carter Blanton

I’m devoting this post to my friend Carter. We've shared a lot of good times together in Tennessee, California, and Italy.
We’re really different people, Carter and I. He’s all old-school understatement and class. Many people have compared him to an old man. The truth is, Carter just acts like he’s been there, because he has. 
A lot of people in our generation don’t know what they want out of life. They spend their twenties wandering aimlessly from place to place and job to job without any real sense of purpose or direction. Not Carter. 
Carter Blanton is the epitome of a Southern Gentleman. He’s loyal. He’s a professional at hospitality. And he has a seemingly endless supply of polo shirts. 

So here's to many years of friendship to come. I'd wish him success, but he doesn't need it. 

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