family vacation

For the first time in several years I am on a family vacation.  As an only child, the whole "family vacation" model functions a little differently.

Here's are some +'s and -'s so far...

+ Dad/CEMC foots the bill.

-Mom constantly reminding of girls I have dated, how wonderful they were, and how she can't believe I didn't marry them.

+Spending 9 days with my family.

-Spending 9 days with my family.

+I'm back in California for the first time in over a year.

-I'm back in California, and it makes me wonder why I really love Memphis so much...

+ Double-Doubles.

-Everyone is so damn beautiful out here.

+ You can buy wine and liquor in grocery stores!

- I'm on a vacation with my mom, and every-time I drink I'm reminded of the "long-history of alcoholism" in my family. Yes mom, our family was primarily poor-scott-irish-sharecroppers- I hope for their sakes they were alcoholics. 

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