withheld vices.

I hung out with a girl this spring who was big on the don’ts.

The things you’re not “supposed” to do.

I feel like that mindset is one of the major weaknesses of today’s evangelical christianity.

The petty morality of withheld vices speaks little of the hue of a human soul.

While i do not believe in predestination,

At times i feel some of us are born with a better compass.

A few out there have hearts oriented towards true north.

or perhaps some just listen to that little voice inside them,

that asks them to do the hardest thing of all:

to be selfless.

And that’s what I believe really matters- the doing. Yeah there are things you shouldn’t do. BUT if you focus just on the don’ts... well you don’t ever “do” jack s***.

Life is about action; not inaction. 


C. Nikole said...


Amy said...

I think if you're loving God, and loving people, your vices take care of themselves. You know what I mean? That is simplistic, maybe idealistic, but if that's what you're pursuing, I think things fall into place a lot more easily.